Art. Code: ZD005-H45cm-Price FOB 4,25 usd, ZD006-H40cm-Price FOB 3,20 usd, ZD007-H30cm-Price FOB 2,65 usd, ZD008-H25cm-Price FOB 2,10 usd.
Art. Code: ZD009-H45cm-Price FOB 4,25 usd, ZD010-H40cm-Price FOB 3,20 usd, ZD011-H30cm-Price FOB 2,65 usd, ZD012-H25cm-Price FOB 2,10 usd.
Art. Code: ZD013-H45cm-Price FOB 5,00 usd, ZD014-H40cm-Price FOB 3,85 usd, ZD015-H30cm-Price FOB 3,10 usd, ZD016-H25cm-Price FOB 2,50 usd.
Art. Code: ZD017-H45cm-Price FOB 5,00 usd, ZD018-H40cm-Price FOB 3,85 usd, ZD019-H30cm-Price FOB 3,10 usd, ZD020-H25cm-Price FOB 2,50 usd.
Art. Code: ZD037-H50cm-Price FOB 6,90 usd, ZD038-H45cm-Price FOB 6,50 usd, ZD039-H40cm-Price FOB 5,90 usd, ZD040-H30cm-Price FOB 5,00 usd.
Art. Code: ZD033-H50cm-Price FOB 6,90 usd, ZD034-H45cm-Price FOB 6,50 usd, ZD035-H40cm-Price FOB 5,90 usd, ZD036-H30cm-Price FOB 5,00 usd.
Art. Code: ZD029-H50cm-Price FOB 6,90 usd, ZD030-H45cm-Price FOB 6,50 usd, ZD031-H40cm-Price FOB 5,90 usd, ZD032-H30cm-Price FOB 5,00 usd.
Art. Code: ZD025-H50cm-Price FOB 6,90 usd, ZD026-H45cm-Price FOB 6,50 usd, ZD027-H40cm-Price FOB 5,90 usd, ZD028-H30cm-Price FOB 5,00 usd.
Art. Code: ZD021-H50cm-Price FOB 6,90 usd, ZD022-H45cm-Price FOB 6,50 usd, ZD023-H40cm-Price FOB 5,90 usd, ZD024-H30cm-Price FOB 5,00 usd.
Art. Code: ZD001-H50cm-Price FOB 6,15 usd, ZD002-H45cm-Price FOB 5,60 usd, ZD003-H40cm-Price FOB 4,70 usd, ZD004-H30cm-Price FOB 3,70 usd.
Art. Code ZD041-H45cm-Price 5,90usd. Art. Code ZD042-H40cm-Price 5,25usd. Art. Code ZD043-H35cm-Price 4,15usd.
Art. Code ZD044-H45cm-Price 5,90usd. Art. Code ZD045-H40cm-Price 5,25usd. Art. Code ZD046-H35cm-Price 4,15usd.
Art. Code ZD047-H45cm-Price 5,90usd. Art. Code ZD048-H40cm-Price 5,25usd. Art. Code ZD049-H35cm-Price 4,15usd.
Art. Code ZP002-L20cm-Pink-Price 3,10usd. Art. Code ZP003-L20cm-Orange-Price 3,10usd. Art. Code ZP004-L20cm-Red-Price 3,10 usd.
Art. Code ZP005-L20cm-Pink-Price 3,10usd. Art. Code ZP006-L20cm-Orange-Price 3,10usd. Art. Code ZP007-L20cm-Red-Price 3,10 usd.
Art. Code ZP001-L25cm-Price 6,60usd.

We send the products in full containers (FCL) and our prices are FOB for FCL. We can too do part of containers (LCL). All prices are included packing in paper box or wooden box, depending what works best. If needed V-legal it is already added 440 usd in the FOB price. If not need V-legal we will reduce it from price. .

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