Bamboo windshime. Art.code:BWZ001-11x11x45cm-Price FOB 0,90 usd. BWZ002-12x12x55cm-Price 1,35 usd. BWZ003-15x15x65cm-Price 1,80 usd. BW004-17x17x95cm-Price 3,20usd.
Art. code: BW007-Size 30x13x13cm. Price FOB 2,20 usd.
Art. code: BW010-Size 30x30x60cm- Price FOB 2,20 usd. Art. code: BW010B-Size 30x30x70cm- Price FOB 2,65 usd.
Art. code: BW011-Size 30x30x60cm- Price FOB 2,40 usd.
Bamboo windshime Butterfly. Art.code:BWZ013-11x11x45cm-Price FOB 1,30 usd. BWZ014-12x12x55cm-Price 1,85 usd. BWZ015-15x15x65cm-Price 2,25 usd. Butterfly is one sample of design. Any animal wanted can be choosen.
Bamboo windshime Giraffe. Art.code:BWZG004-11x11x45cm-Price FOB 1,10 usd. BWZG005-12x12x55cm-Price 1,60 usd. BWZG006-15x15x65cm-Price 2,10 usd.
Bamboo windshime Leopard. Art.code:BWZL004-11x11x45cm-Price FOB 1,10 usd. BWZL005-12x12x55cm-Price 1,60 usd. BWZL006-15x15x65cm-Price 2,10 usd.
Bamboo windshime Tiger. Art.code:BWZT004-11x11x45cm-Price FOB 1,10 usd. BWZT005-12x12x55cm-Price 1,60 usd.  BWZT006-15x15x65cm-Price 2,10 usd.
Bamboo windshime Zebra. Art.code:BWZZ004-11x11x45cm-Pri ce FOB 1,10 usd. BWZZ005-12x12x55cm-Price 1,60 usd. BWZZ006-15x15x65cm-Price 2,10 usd.
Bamboo windshime Giraffe. Art.code:BWZG007-11x11x45cm-Price FOB 1,10 usd. BWZG008-12x12x55cm-Price 1,60 usd. BWZG009-15x15x65cm-Price 2,10 usd.
Bamboo windshime Leopard. Art.code:BWZL007-11x11x45cm-Price FOB 1,10 usd. BWZL008-12x12x55cm-Price 1,60 usd. BWZL009-15x15x65cm-Price 2,10 usd.
Bamboo windshime Tiger. Art.code:BWZT007-11x11x45cm-Price FOB 1,10 usd. BWZT008-12x12x55cm-Price 1,60 usd. BWZT009-15x15x65cm-Price 2,10 usd.
Bamboo windshime Zebra. Art.code:BWZZ007-11x11x45cm-Price FOB 1,10 usd. BWZZ008-12x12x55cm-Price 1,60 usd. BWZZ009-15x15x65cm-Price 2,10 usd.

We send the products in full containers (FCL) and our prices are FOB for FCL. We can too do part of containers (LCL). All prices are included packing in paper box or wooden box, depending what works best. If needed V-legal it is already added 440 usd in the FOB price. If not need V-legal we will reduce it from price.

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